The Friends' Endowment: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

In 1985 at the suggestion of Director Howard E. Wooden, the Friends of the Wichita Art Museum, Inc. Endowment was established as part of the Museum’s 50th Anniversary celebration and the Friends’ 25th anniversary.

Starting in 1997, the Friends established their endowment with the Wichita Community Foundation and three designated funds:

  • General Fund for Acquisitions and Exhibitions
  • Library Fund for the Purchase of Books and Library Materials
  • Howard E. Wooden Lecture Series Fund for Public Lectures

Every year the monies raised by FWAM contribute to the growth of the three funds. Managed by Wichita Community Foundation, all grant distributions are determined one year before the Fiscal Year in which the funds are to be distributed. Funds need not be spent in the year in which they are eligible for distribution. Such funds may be accumulated making possible a larger acquisition or exhibition that would be possible with a single year’s distribution.

Click here to learn about the Wichita Community Foundation.

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