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At WAM, students and teachers are very important. We want every student to have an enriching and exciting museum visit. We want teachers to see the museum as an extended classroom to help meet state standards as well as build critical thinking  and visual literacy.

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Preston Singletary Teacher Guide

Are you bringing your students to WAM for a tour of Preston Singletary: Raven and the Box of Daylight? Download a PDF of the Teacher Guide that accompanies the exhibition. This supplemental packet of information and actitivies is designed to support your students' classroom learning in preparation for your visit to WAM--pre- and post-visit activities are included. 

School Tours are free!

WAM is currently working on expanding school and teacher resources. The museum will be the place for excellent, exciting, and creative learning opportunities for K-12 students. Watch WAM grow. If you are a parent or teacher, we invite you to explore the museum's tour opportunities and schedule a tour.

Open the minds of our young learners with a visit to Wichita Art Museum. Bring your class for a museum tour to expand students' critical thinking and observation skills. Student tours are FREE!

2019-2020 School Field Trip Guide

Educators: Discover what the Wichita Art Museum can offer your students. Schedule your free, guided museum tour today! All class levels/disciplines are welcome, plus WAM offers 100% bus reimbursement.

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100% Bus Reimbursement

Is the cost of the bus for the school field trip a problem? No longer! WAM provides 100% bus reimbursement to all schools in reasonable driving distance to the museum.

The 100% bus reimbursement is a project sponsored by WAM Contemporaries and their program Destination: WAM. Funding from the Contemporaries sponsors bus reimbursement to make school field trips free and provide transportation to WAM for area school children.

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Tour Topics

Learning to Look (Grades K–6)
Participate in interactive discussion through the collections as students learn about basic elements of art, narrative ideas, historical context, and an introduction to looking at a work of art in depth.

Sculptures in the Art Garden (Grades 3–12/adults)
Explore concepts such as shape, scale, space, and texture by viewing sculptures in WAM’s Art Garden. There are sculptures around every twist and bend including such art world greats as work by Henry Moore to Tom Otterness. Discover the museum’s wonderful outdoor space. NOTE: This tour is weather-permitting; outdoor tours are not offered in late October, November, December, January, February and early March.

American Portraits (Grades 4 -12/adults)
​Students will take an exploration of American Portraiture by looking at WAM's permanent collections as well as special touring exhibitions. How do artists represent the world around them? How do artists choose to show people and create narrative?

Lands Near and Far (Grades 4–12/adults)
Students will tour WAM’s permanent collection of American depictions of the land, cities, and seas--and special touring exhibitions. This tour will incorporate several exhibitions and various artists for a broad look into themes of the land and environment.

American Identity (Grades 5–12/adults)
Discuss themes of cultural, and national identity using artwork to generate conversation and inquiry. Artists give us a unique window on American life, reflecting the cultural, social, and political climate of the time in which they work. This tour will incorporate both the permanent collection as well as special exhibitions.

American Art at WAM (Grades 9–12/adults)
An introductory exploration of the museum's American art collection. This tour explores some of the major art movements and their practitioners. Topics may include colonial portraiture, 19th-century landscape painting, early modernism, regionalism, abstract expressionism and contemporary glass.

Additional Tour Add-On Options - Enhance the Tour Experience

Art Mix
Looking for extra ways to spark creativity while at WAM? Try a special hands-on activity to expand learning. Students roll up their sleeves and experiment with media, techniques, and concepts of art in projects linked to their gallery tour experience. Materials cost is $5 per student.

To learn more about how you can schedule these additional components or discuss more creative  ways for students to engage learning at WAM, please contact Courtney Spousta, curator of education: Four weeks of advance notice is required.

Self-Guided Tours

Teachers are always encouraged to lead their students on their own specialized tour of the museum, However, we are happy to work with teachers to help prepare worksheets or lesson plans for their students' visit. Leaders of self-guided tours still need to schedule their group at least one week ahead so that we can accommodate their needs and those of others who might be visiting. 

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Teacher Advisory Committee

WAM has launched Teacher Advisory Committee to help better align the museum with Wichita-area schools, teachers and students.

WAM is an educational institution where students and teachers are very important. We want every student to have an enriching, dynamic museum visit. We want teachers to see the museum as an extended and beneficial classroom to help meet learning goals as well as build critical thinking skills and visual literacy.

Art is a powerful way to spark critical thinking and enhance curriculum content at every grade level and across subject matters.

Research shows that early and positive experiences of museums can create a lifelong interest in attending museums and other cultural activities. Working with schools and teachers to enrich student experiences is a way to open up the art museum for youth and families.

This committee provides feedback and work in collaboration with museum staff in the development and promotion of programs offered to school groups and teachers. Committee members serve as museum advocates for Wichita Art Museum programming and resources within their school communities.

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