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Over There – Over Here: American Print Makers Go to War, 1914-1918

Author: Barbara Thompson
202 pages

Over There – Over Here: American Print Makers Go to War, 1914-1918, explores the little-studied phenomenon of American print makers and their artistic responses to the watershed cataclysm. Print makers in the United States helped to shape the public's grasp of the war, and this volume sheds light on an underappreciated chapter in the history of World War I and American Art. This publication and related exhibition is a celebration of the legacy of American print makers who created etchings, block prints, and lithographs of their experiences in their very individual styles.

Wings over the Prairie: A Brief History of the Aviation Industry in Wichita, Kansas

Author: Edward H. Phillips
32 pages

Wings over the Prairie records the rapid development of Wichita’s aviation industry following World War I. Author Edward Phillips has written nine books and dozens of magazine articles on the history of the people, companies, and aircraft that made Wichita the Air Capital of the World. This publication compliments the exhibition Over There – Over Here: American Printmakers Go to War, 1914-1818, which reflects artists' response to The Great War.

William J. Dickerson, 1904-1972: Lithographs, Block Prints & Etchings

Author: Barbara Thompson
120 pages

This catalogue of a Spring 2017 exhibition at Wichita Art Museum focuses on William Dickerson's efforts as a printmaker. Dickerson lived the majority of his life in Wichita and for 38 years directed the Wichita Art Association. He was a central player in the city's thriving arts scene. He was the first elected artist member of the Prairie Print Makers, a circle founded in 1930 and based in Wichita.

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