Guidelines for student group tours


One adult chaperone is required for every ten students at the museum. Pre-K and Kindergarten groups should have one adult for every five children. In order to ensure a quality experience for the groups, chaperones are asked not to bring preschool aged children. Tour contact people will receive a handout by mail called "Museum Manners" that details acceptable behavior for groups and individuals in the art museum. Chaperones and students must all be informed of the rules before arriving for the tour. Chaperones are responsible for their students’ behavior and enforcing a proper code of conduct. Museum Manners are important for the care of the valuable historic artworks.

In the Galleries

WAM can provide clipboards and pencils for writing in the galleries. Simply request these supplies before you arrive. No pens, markers, or any wet writing medium is allowed in the galleries.

Food, drink, and chewing gum are also not allowed in the galleries. While WAM does not have a lunchroom for school groups, students may bring sack lunches to eat outside on the museum grounds. Lunches and any large bags or backpacks will need to be left in vehicles or checked in the cloakroom upon entering.

Please do not run or jump in the galleries, for your safety and that of the art.


Discussion and talking is encouraged in the museum. Yet, keep in mind that it is a place of learning, so yelling and loud voices are discouraged because it disrespects other visitors and their experience of the art on display.

For Guided Tours

A docent will call you before your visit to reconfirm the date, time, and content of the tour, and to determine a final participant count. On the day of the tour, have students wear name tags. Your guide is there to educate and inspire the group. It is the chaperones' duty to make sure children use proper museum manners.

Be prompt! Docents will wait no longer than 30 minutes for a tardy group. Remember, docents are volunteers who give selflessly of their time to share their passion and knowledge. They have schedules and plans and cannot always stay if your group arrives late. If you must cancel a visit, please do so by calling the education department as far in advance as possible so the docent leader can be notified.

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