Policies and Requirements for Special Events at the Wichita Art Museum


Any individual or group wishing to use the museum facilities must:

  • Make application through the Event Coordinator.  The application form must be accompanied by a detailed account of type of event, purpose, date, time, and number of guests expected.
  • The confirmed reservation must be on file at least sixty days prior to the use of the facilities. Reservations will be on a first-come first-serve basis. The museum staff reserves the right to limit the number of outside functions in any given month, so groups are encouraged to make reservations well in advance.  
  • Fifty (50) percent of the rental fee and proof of event insurance (where applicable) will be required upon signing the rental contract.  The balance of the rental fee will be due per the contract.  The rental deposit is non-refundable.
  • The Wichita Art Museum requires a contact person who will sign the agreement, be responsible for conduct of persons attending the event, as well as financial responsibility for payment of fee and supplying insurance certificates.  Final decision regarding the application rests with the Director of the Wichita Art Museum in accordance with guidelines set by the museum's Board of Trustees.

The Wichita Art Museum is available on a rental basis for civic and business events. It is the policy of the City of Wichita to prohibit the use of municipal facilities, with certain exceptions, for political, charitable, and/or commercial uses.  This policy should be interpreted to mean that all political campaigning, distribution of literature, fundraising activities, auctions, commercial and/or political advertising shall be prohibited within municipal facilities.  The individual or group contracting with the museum is responsible for informing the museum of any such events or activities that may take place during the rental event.

The Wichita Art Museum also limits rental facility use for cultural organizations to meetings and special occasions.  Art and cultural programming by cultural organizations which are open to the public may not take place through facility rental.  Instead, cultural organizations are encouraged to request a collaborative program partnership with the museum.

The Wichita Art Museum reserves the right to refuse rental to any individual or group at the museum's sole discretion.

It is the primary responsibility of those in the service of the Wichita Art Museum to assure the preservation of the museum building, grounds, and collections at all times.  A Wichita Art Museum representative will be present at each event to supervise and consult.

In using the museum building and grounds for special events, we appreciate your understanding in observing the following practices:

  1. A strict "no smoking in the building" rule must be followed. Smoking areas are designated outside the building.
  2. No touching works of art, as touching harms the art.
  3. Exercise care at all times in the presence of art objects.
  4. No disruptive behavior to other visitors or staff.
  5. Ice sculptures are not allowed inside the building.
  6. Because of the museum’s sensitive alarm systems, the use of candles, open flames, and smoke and haze machines are prohibited inside the building.
  7. Plants of any kind are not allowed. All flowers and arrangements must be from an approved florist, floral wholesaler, or greenhouse. A list of floral companies can be provided. This requirement exists to protect the art from insect infestation. All arrangements must come in containers and be display ready. Flowers from home gardens are not allowed to enter the building due to the strict pest-control practices needed for the art.
  8. No rice, birdseed, confetti, soap bubbles, silly string, glitter, sparklers, or balloons are allowed inside the museum or on the grounds.
  9. Staff must pre-approve any museum image used for printed materials.
  10. Works of art must remain in place. They may not be moved or relocated.
  11. Works of art may not be photographed without written permission. Photography during the event is confined to the rental space indicated on the application form. Pre-event photography must be arranged through the Event Coordinator and will be accommodated strictly within reasonable limits governed by staffing availability and facility restrictions.
  12. Special access to the terrace through the staircase doors must be arranged and approved through the Event Coordinator at least two weeks before the day of the event.  No other doors may be opened due to climate control issues (e.g. River Room, Sculpture Deck).
  13. Additional lighting or equipment (especially those with additional power requirements) must be arranged in advance and pre-approved by staff.
  14. The Wichita Art Museum reserves the right to alter the set-up and arrangement of decorations, tables, etc. before and during the event.
  15. The event rental includes tables and chairs for up to 200 guests. Any additional needs will require outside rental, arranged and paid by the Renter. Delivery will need to be scheduled for the day of the event and be carefully coordinated with museum staff. Museum staff is not responsible for set up or tear down of any rental equipment.
  16. All food catering and beverage service must be provided through The Muse, the museum's cafe.  No self-catering or outside catering is allowed.
  17. Food and drink may not be served or consumed in the galleries.
  18. Keg beer may not be served in the museum.  All alcoholic beverages must be served through The Muse.  Bar and food service will be discontinued one half-hour before scheduled conclusion of event.
  19. Sound levels of live or recorded music or other audio sound shall not exceed 90 decibels. This restriction must be communicated to musicians and sound techs.
  20. All deliveries must use the museum’s loading dock which requires that a security staff member be on site at all times. The museum may restrict use of the loading dock in its sole discretion. Parking limits on the loading dock must be adhered to due to multiple deliveries for each event.
  21. Any outside vendors must be approved by the museum, and set up and tear down must be coordinated through the Event Coordinator.  All vendor contact information should be supplied to the Event Coordinator.
  22. Rental time is exactly as stated on the contract. If staff are required to stay later than the agreed upon time, including clean-up or removal of equipment/decorations, an additional fee will apply.
  23. Upon request and with three weeks advance notice, the Museum Shop may be open for all or part of the event.
  24. The contracting individual or group is responsible for any and all damage to the museum facilities and property by any member of their party and/or any subcontractor (e.g. band, decorator, supplier).  Any damages must be repaired immediately to the satisfaction of the museum and will be paid by the contracting individual or group. The museum will determine the damage and select the repair contractor should it be necessary. A damage deposit may be required.
  25. The museum assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to articles brought into the museum from outside individuals or groups.
  26. Additional security outside of standard museum hours will be required by the museum. The number of guards is to be determined in the museum's sole discretion, and the fees will be set by the museum.  Only museum guard staff may be used.
  27. The renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the museum from any and all claims, liabilities, or causes of action, known or unknown, including costs and attorneys’ fees that may arise in the course of the rental event.  For rentals in the S. Jim and Darla Farha Great Hall, the renter will be required to provide proof of $1,000,000, 24-hour event insurance or certificates of insurance showing WAM, Inc. and City of Wichita as additional named insureds.


Sherrie Holdeman
WAM Event Coordinator
(316) 268-4912

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